Monday, November 22, 2010


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Last year I got 2 of these pumpkins for .30 after Halloween with plans to do something great, So this year I bought 1 large pumpkin to add to the collection. 1. Print a picture of a Turkey silhouette off a Google search and cut that out for your stencil. 2. I painted the argyle free hand, I was scared but it turned out pretty cool. I used spray glue to stick it on our painted pumpkins. 3. The large pumpkin I painted Brown, I then used spray glue and sprinkled on some Martha Stewart Glitter, It did not take much I was surprised,  I also bought this candlestick for .25 at goodwill, I mod podged tissue paper on it and added some metallic paint to finish it off. 
006 I think they turned out really amazing!
IMG_8347_0875 IMG_8348_0876 IMG_8354_0882    
Of course no project is complete without the help of a 3 year old.

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