Monday, September 20, 2010

Tea Party Part 2

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Tutu tea party

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I dabble a lot! This summer I tried my hand at Stylizing a photo shoot this is the first of many pictures I am going to share from that photo shoot, I made this tutu dress for my princess I loved the pantaloons to go under the ruffled tutu.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses”.

I have decided to submit 2 dresses to theDARE to DESIGN for SHABBY APPLE contest, I hope that is okay I never saw anything on their rules that said other wise. As many of you know I love ruffles, I wanted to make something a little more grown up for my 12 year old.  I love how this light weight fabric bounces as she walks, the neckline was her idea.  I liked the light soft feminine colors for spring  Go Check out SHABBY APPLE
I am entering their Dare to Design contest
This is MY
“Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses
GreenhouseEDITS-144 GreenhouseEDITS-113  GreenhouseEDITS-146 GreenhouseEDITS-88

“Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses”

I love Shabby apple dresses In fact this dress was inspired by Shabby Apple.
I made this one Pink, I think it could be sewn into a Variety of colors and fabric patterns Or even a solid fabric. I think the best part is the ruffled collar.
I have Used cotton Fabric here but I think I could have used a satin fabric.
I am entering their Dare to Design contest
This is MY
“Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

04 BP 
01 blueberrypearls
06 BP    02 BP      03 BP

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Go to to check out their new season of Dresses.

Halloween Banner

Halloween banner2  Halloween banner2
Tip #1 Glitter: I mixed 3 types of glitter to achieve the perfect letters I also mixed Gold and orange to give it a little bit more fun texture to the clip board letters.

Tip #2 Ribbon I LOVE ribbon I think That it can add so much to the simplest banner
I glittered some bells and sewed them on.
046 047  
This one I made reversible one side says October, the other side says Halloween,

Halloween Words I came up with:
October, Spooky, eek!, Boo, Witchy, Scary, Treat, punkin, pumpkin, ghost, skeleton, Spiders, Witch, Oct 31st, Monster, creepy, candy, Batty

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Clock

Supplies that I used to make this:
1. An old kitchen drawer from my mother-in-laws remodel
2. Dollar Tree crows and skeleton
3. Papers and craft supplies (Old Halloween decor torn apart :)
4. Martha Stewart Glitter (everything looks better in glitter)
5. $4 clock from Target
6. I put my girls in black outfits took their pictures  to decorate.
7. A couple of friends to come over and make one with me to keep me inspired.
I love Halloween, I love when the air is crisp, the smells of Pumpkin and Apple cider. How kids get to dress up into something else for the day. I am getting over excited to start working on Halloween Decorations.

Check out Firefliesandjellybeans Blog:

There are other really cute Ideas for this fun season....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Photos by

My Family a while ago.
Makes me want long hair again :) 
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I threw these dresses together for our family photo shoot.
I think its important when you are getting family pictures to consider the room you are putting these in,  I wanted these to match my living room so I pulled some of the colors I wanted to pull out into the outfits.

Greenhouse Garden Collection

This is my spring garden collection I made this for the girls for Easter. I love how they turned out. The green top is an Up-cycled tank top. I was sewing and looked over in my pile of used clothing and noticed that it matched perfectly.
GreenhouseEDITS-138GreenhouseEDITS-15GreenhouseEDITS-148GreenhouseEDITS-79GreenhouseEDITS-151GreenhouseEDITS-75GreenhouseEDITS-89GreenhouseEDITS-145   GreenhouseEDITS-66 GreenhouseEDITS-101GreenhouseEDITS-105GreenhouseEDITS-97GreenhouseEDITS-99GreenhouseEDITS-118GreenhouseEDITS-106