Monday, September 13, 2010

Greenhouse Garden Collection

This is my spring garden collection I made this for the girls for Easter. I love how they turned out. The green top is an Up-cycled tank top. I was sewing and looked over in my pile of used clothing and noticed that it matched perfectly.
GreenhouseEDITS-138GreenhouseEDITS-15GreenhouseEDITS-148GreenhouseEDITS-79GreenhouseEDITS-151GreenhouseEDITS-75GreenhouseEDITS-89GreenhouseEDITS-145   GreenhouseEDITS-66 GreenhouseEDITS-101GreenhouseEDITS-105GreenhouseEDITS-97GreenhouseEDITS-99GreenhouseEDITS-118GreenhouseEDITS-106


  1. Oh my goodness.....what beautiful girls you have. I have 4 as well plus 1 boy. Ive been checkin out your blog and Im loving it. I invite you over to come check out mine at I love the dresses you design for your girls. I wish I could sew