Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Clock

Supplies that I used to make this:
1. An old kitchen drawer from my mother-in-laws remodel
2. Dollar Tree crows and skeleton
3. Papers and craft supplies (Old Halloween decor torn apart :)
4. Martha Stewart Glitter (everything looks better in glitter)
5. $4 clock from Target
6. I put my girls in black outfits took their pictures  to decorate.
7. A couple of friends to come over and make one with me to keep me inspired.
I love Halloween, I love when the air is crisp, the smells of Pumpkin and Apple cider. How kids get to dress up into something else for the day. I am getting over excited to start working on Halloween Decorations.

Check out Firefliesandjellybeans Blog:

There are other really cute Ideas for this fun season....


  1. WOW I am in love with this! I think Halloween is the best Holiday!

  2. This is sooooo awesome. I love it. I dont even know how I found your blog but I love this project and I have 3 small drawers from a hutch re-do. Im going to try to get them done before Halloween. I have 4 girls and theyre all going to be witches for Halloween. Thanks so much for the inspiration.