Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Hand at Photography “Girls just want to have fun”     

My friend has got the most adorable little girls, I got to play with my Camera at her house last month, while I am not a professional photographer we still had a blast. These Girls love each other so much and they really know how to have some fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010


IMG_8341_0869 IMG_8343_0871 IMG_8336_0898IMG_8345_0873 IMG_8351_0879
Last year I got 2 of these pumpkins for .30 after Halloween with plans to do something great, So this year I bought 1 large pumpkin to add to the collection. 1. Print a picture of a Turkey silhouette off a Google search and cut that out for your stencil. 2. I painted the argyle free hand, I was scared but it turned out pretty cool. I used spray glue to stick it on our painted pumpkins. 3. The large pumpkin I painted Brown, I then used spray glue and sprinkled on some Martha Stewart Glitter, It did not take much I was surprised,  I also bought this candlestick for .25 at goodwill, I mod podged tissue paper on it and added some metallic paint to finish it off. 
006 I think they turned out really amazing!
IMG_8347_0875 IMG_8348_0876 IMG_8354_0882    
Of course no project is complete without the help of a 3 year old.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Wreath

For my wreath I used a dollar store wreath, covered it in burlap, and then glued tons of burlap and fabric circles and squares. There is also some tulle in there for good measure. For the accents I made some rosettes and added some random buttons- along with the welcome letters.

~by Elizabeth

New to Blueberry Pearls

Hi, I'm Elizabeth and I am so excited (and flattered) that Amy has asked me to contribute to her creative blog. I love to sew, create, and do all things crafty.

Here's my little lady. She's my only girl and is my main creative outlet for sewing. Which means she has way too many clothes- I just can't help it. Here is my latest creation:
The prints are Amy Butler. I used a McCalls pattern for the top (tweaked a little) and just kind of winged it for the pants. I used some outgrown pants and added lots of ruffles.
~by Elizabeth

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harvest Subway Art

Harvest Subway art_0002
I love all of this art Popping up everywhere. So I was excited to get my hand in this Fall Art.
The first thing I did was to paint a piece of 17X30 plywood cut at LOWE'S for free!, the First layer
was painted Brown I then Used this Great Aged/Peeling paint technique Tutorial from      BrassyApple 
I have access to a Cricut so I Cut up several words to be used as a stencil to make the different words, If you do not have access to a cutting machine, you can print the words on a computer and use an  x-acto knife with a cutting mat to cut out your words, Make sure to use Cardstock, I used all those random colored papers I would never use on other projects. I then used a stencil brush, But honestly I think it might have been easier to trace the letters then paint inside the lines with a paint brush which is what I did with the glittered letters.
(I used good old fashioned school glue for the Glitter)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

French inspired Hutch

I picked up this hutch at goodwill for $25 I liked the curves, I am re doing my daughters bedroom and thought it might make the perfect piece for her.
I decided not to strip this piece and just sand which later became a HUGE regret, I primed the inside before painting it Gold. I used a spray paint my sister had 5 cans of this Berry color that she decided not to use  which was perfect for her.
DIY Club
You need to check out the Painters Pyramids, I put under them under the Hutch before I spray painted.  I LOVE THEM they are my new Favorite tool. I found them on 

I let my daughter help paint the metallic gold on to the edging she did a great job. We also changed the knobs, I used some that I pulled off another dresser and Painted them as well. The metal decorative pieces I picked up a little while ago on clearance for 2/$1.00 they were perfect for my project.
042   043

The small glass pieces were broken so I am trying to decide what I am going to put in there so keep watching……

The wonderful land of Photographers

When I first started decorating I would go to the store and try to pick out the perfect pictures for my wall that would express my style I found it difficult I would bring home a picture or some type of wall hanging and while they were nice they did not bring me as much joy to look at as pictures of my girls, at that point I decided that Photographs were an investment. a priority.  I did not have a lot of money so I started taking pictures or would find those free 8X10 coupons to have my children photographed, this has evolved after a while I realized I was not a fan of the POSY pictures they made my kids cry and I felt stressed so I l would bring the girls and direct the photographer that if they were crying I wanted those pictures, if they were crawling take a picture of that,I would bring them French fries, make sure they had a nap and schedual accordingly later I realized that instead of dressing my girls in pinks and purples that I needed to match them to how I wanted to decorate the room the picture was going to be in.  I love it so much more sometimes I will sit on my couch and just smile at the art sitting before me.
  I am very lucky to have the most talented  photographer friends in my life. 

These 2 Woman came and Photographed this shoot[943.jpg]
My Best Friend Tara ( is a Photographer We have so much fun coming up with the next crazy thing in my head she has been taking pictures for many years. We push each other hard which has been wonderful she helped me set up this photo shoot. She is opening the doors to a new photography Studio In Oregon City on Main Street We painted it yesterday its beautiful. Congratulations Tara!
04 BP
My Good  Friend Scarlette (  Who helped push me to start this Blog. She and I have gotten to know each other this year it is so fun to have a friend who has these amazing ideas to share. She is very creative and knows how to get what she wants :) Scarlette entered some of her pictures from the Wonderland shoot into a local magazine and it mad e front cover so now we are Famous. This has been so fun to see everywhere.
Vancouver Magazine

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Wonderland Birthday Girl

We got Lucky ONE of our guest brought this beautiful rabbit to share at the party it was the perfect detail for our photo shoot!020           055 047   002
Wonder-98 Wonder-96084