Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harvest Subway Art

Harvest Subway art_0002
I love all of this art Popping up everywhere. So I was excited to get my hand in this Fall Art.
The first thing I did was to paint a piece of 17X30 plywood cut at LOWE'S for free!, the First layer
was painted Brown I then Used this Great Aged/Peeling paint technique Tutorial from      BrassyApple 
I have access to a Cricut so I Cut up several words to be used as a stencil to make the different words, If you do not have access to a cutting machine, you can print the words on a computer and use an  x-acto knife with a cutting mat to cut out your words, Make sure to use Cardstock, I used all those random colored papers I would never use on other projects. I then used a stencil brush, But honestly I think it might have been easier to trace the letters then paint inside the lines with a paint brush which is what I did with the glittered letters.
(I used good old fashioned school glue for the Glitter)



  1. fun! the sign turned out great! thanks for posting a link and trying out my technique!

  2. found your new blog. Love being able to see all the fantastic things you are doing!