Friday, October 1, 2010

Wonderland Birthday Party Plan Part 2

For all of my Girls 10th Birthday Party I have a photographer come to their parties, I think when you spend hours getting ready for a party why not have it photographed right? For my oldest daughters Birthday we had a pampering night complete with Avocado Mask with my 2nd daughter I wanted to do something differently she has such a different personality and I wanted them to feel unique and special, I was telling a friend that i was planning a party for my daughter I remember at 10 being so excited it is such a magical age you get to be double digits for heaven sakes right :) I was explaining that I felt like 10 was an age when I felt you start to brace who you are a little a coming of age thing, she thought the new movie Alice in Wonderland represented that. How Alice stood up for her self, She embraced the fact that she was different, she fought what was not right……. I Loved it so the planning began I immediately called Amanda Moss from to discuss my ideas for a cake She lives in Bend Oregon and is an amazing Cake artist, I have to admit that I did not put the cake together like it was supposed to be (Sorry!) But it has been the center of all Envy and sooooo Delicious- I am off Dairy but could not resist a slice YUM! I then called my 2 photographer friends and explained what I wanted to do if they wanted to use it as a set I would put in a little more effort other wise I would just do it at home. They both loved my idea so the plan was set.
The Party:
The invite: 
Cambrees Birthday invite
We’re late! we’re late for an important date! Our Queen of hearts !0th Birthday “No wonder we’re late! Why this watch is exactly TWO months shy” a very merry un-birthday Tea Party Thursday Aug 12th Down the rabbit hole Begin at the beginning and go to the end then stop. Four in the afternoon wear your wonderland best RSVP ………(cut off for privacy :) I got this idea from Simply Natural Events
The guest list:

This was hard I new we were doing a photo shoot and felt smaller numbers would be best so she invited her cousins and just a few friends. We have so many kids in our neighborhood and church class so it was decided to just keep it simple.  Usually we have birthdays there Even birthdays and they are aloud to invite as many guest as they are old 10 = 10 guest (except when they are in Kindergartners because Kindergartners get there feelings hurt the most when they are not invited to a party so that’s a free for all)
The Food:006

We ate Pizza, Pink Lemonade then ate yummy cookies and a delicious cake for dessert.063026
The Activities:
The girls showed up in their Wonderland best (I was thrilled that they ended up all Matching- Complete with the guest that showed up as the mad Hatter) I made the party girl her dress.  The older girls gave everyone a makeover and styled there Hair while they watched The New Alice in Wonderland and ate Pizza. We then hopped in the car and drove to my friends house who just happens to have a forest off to the side of her back yard Were I set up the perfect Tea Party this is when the photo shoot started  and the girls got to eat the delicious treats I loved the Clock cookies my Sister Jodie Made for me and also the Mushrooms they were awesome I wish I would have gotten a better picture of that. The girls then went and played Croquet (I wanted to have Pink Flamingos next to the hoops but could not find any for a reasonable price)  
The Decor:
I have to admit I am a frugal girl it may look like I spent a lot of money but mostly I spent a lot of time and energy gathering and preparing the party The most exhausting parting was hiking the stuff into the forest. I found a couple boards in the forest and had the girls paint this and that on them then nailed them to a tree I borrowed the banner from a friend and the rest of the decor was gathered from mine and my sisters houses, My friend Sarah just happened to have antique Alice in Wonderland books that made my day. I rented white chairs 6 of them for $12.00 I wanted to find cool miss match chairs but this was 2nd choice We felt it would look better in pictures for them to be uniform.
The Party Favors:   
The party girl made each girl a crown since we knew we would not have time at the party. Last year after Christmas I bought a package of keys for .20, I decided to stick them on these cool bottles we found for 1.00  on clearance at the local craft store and gave them to each girl (I am not a big fan of candy or crap I have to throw away in 2 days- So I clearance shop for parties)

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  1. I love this daughter turned 13 in March, not the best month for a party so she opted to wait until "later". So now we are going to "stall" her and plan an Unbirthday surprise for her 13 1/2 six months later or six months before 14 ????? We are a bit mad here....