Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

Several years ago my sister helped me fall in love with
When I was browsing for Valentine Ideas I found this with a free download:
I made my own version and loved how it turned out. (14 days for 14 days of Valentines)

A list of Compiled Ideas I found online for you to use:

Back Rub

Pie of Your Choice

Candlelit Dinner for Two

Breakfast in Bed

Night without Kids

Foot Massage and a few unmentionables :)

1 hug

3 kisses.

10 minutes of cuddling.

breakfast in bed.

dinner and a movie.

20 minute massage.

a candlelit bubble bath.

a clean kitchen.

a picnic in the park.

One free car wash

A romantic dinner for two

A chocolate splurge

A 5 minute, knock-you-off-your-feet kiss

A night of stargazing

One hour of uninterrupted free time

30 minutes of cuddles

A movie date to any movie of your choice

A romantic candlelit bath for two

A night of romantic pampering

A weekend getaway

A free wish

A quickie

A romantic rendezvous of your choice

A night at home of kissin' and lovin'

A romantic picnic for two anytime, anywhere

An afternoon of getting to know each other again

A day of games and fun

An intimate fantasy

A session of truth or dare

One evening of dancing

Shower for two

A one hour massage

Dessert for two

Breakfast in bed

An evening of uninterrupted conversation

One escorted date to a restaurant of your choice

One big bear hug

One evening treated like royalty

24 hours of no arguments - no matter what!

Dinner and a movie for 2 in bed...

One kiss and make-up session

Personal servant for one day

One late night craving delivered

Your choice of one household chore completed

One bedtime story

One breakfast date

One Lunch break Date- I’ll get the sitter!

One revealing fact: My biggest dream

One revealing fact: What I love most about you

One revealing fact: My deepest desire

One cultural event

One evening listening to romantic music

One shopping spree

One body painting session

One morning of rest

One semi-formal date

One night out on the town

One picnic in the park

One get out of the doghouse free

Free access to the remote for one night

One evening out with the guys

One perfect date

This coupon is good for 2 loads of laundry

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